I’m a visual designer with 8 years of experience turned ops/project manager turned UX designer/researcher. I’ve grown small businesses, startups, and social enterprises wearing many hats along the way. User research is my passion. I love asking the right questions and getting out of the way, uncovering insights that help build products and features that people actually want.



Designing with endless curiosity


Rosie Raizen is a product designer who connects mission driven companies to the world using direct, clear design. Before specializing in research and product design, Rosie worked as a print designer, sculptor/installation artist, small business owner, teacher, and community organizer. With this experience creating spaces for people to play and grow she brings a strong sense of empathy, the practical ability to ruthlessly triage issues, a desire to look at important problems from many points of view, and a nerdy love of communication analysis. When she’s not solving problems Rosie loves walking around outside talking to (and touching) plants, dogs, and humans.

In the past Rosie worked with Little Weaver Web Collective and studied fine arts at Moore College of Art and Design.

Currently Rosie is available for product design roles and contracts that support individual and community growth, intention and integrity in tech, and underscore the interconnected nature of humanity.